Welcome To Barak Spa

A unique spa in the heart of Jerusalem, with a variety of special treatments for those who want to pamper themselves

Upon arrival, we invite you to forget your everyday hassles and lose yourself in the calm atmosphere with serene music in the background, the scented air, the warm Jacuzzi, the steam in the dry sauna and relax with a cup of coffee or tea to complete your luxurious experience. Sit back, relax, and trust our experienced spa technicians to give you the experience you have been waiting for

Spa Barak Specials For Couples

The perfect romantic gift.

Your Choice of package and upgrades:

  1. Massage For Two – including a 45-minute massage each – 420NIS
  2. Special Massage For Two – including a 45-minute massage each and a meal for two – 520NIS
  3. Extra Special Massage For Two – including a 45-minute massage each with breakfast a bottle of wine and chocolates – 570 NIS
  4. Massage For One – consisting of 45-minute massage for one – 220NIS
:Choose your massage
  • Swedish Massage – A classic massage with almond oil for muscle release and blood stimulation.
  • Combination Massage – A massage that combines a number of different techniques and targets sore muscle groups.
  • Spa Massage – Relaxing and pampering massage.
  • Prenatal Massage – A holistic massage specially designed for sore muscles release and relaxation during pregnancy.  performed only from the 16th week (4th month) and onwards.
  • Reflexology – A massage that focuses mainly on the patient’s feet utilizing pressure points that influences different areas of the body.
  • Thai Massage –  performed on a mattress while wearing comfortable clothes. characterized by intense pressure and deep stretching to enhance blood flow and revive energy.
*Each massage appointment includes access to the spa area Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna
: Optional Upgrades
  1. Additional massage time – Each additional 10 minutes of massage – 40NIS.
  2. Extra 15 minute Peeling – 90NIS per person.
  3. Birthday balloons in the massage room – 30NIS (with a greeting card on the door)
  4. Renting the spa area for private use for a couple – 300NIS for an hour and a half
  5. Breakfast or Lunch – 50NIS per person.
  6. Hot stones – 50NIS per person.
  7. A massage candle – 60NIS per person.

Peel Massage

Over time, dead skin cells accumulate; therefore, it is recommended to get a peel massage every two to three weeks. Peel massages cleanses the skin pores, removes the dead cells, and renews the layers of skin beneath, leaving the skin clean, soft, and pleasing to the touch.

Before Treatment

Do not to shave the body before a peel massage as to not risk of irritating wounds or burning sensitive skin. After a peel massage, we recommend that you avoid sun exposure and rest in our seating area with a cup of tea and refreshments. To the peel massage we add essential oils and salt or sugar. This can be changed a cream peel (Dr. Kadir) is necessary (costs 20 shekels). We have many different types of peel massage at special prices:

  1. 20 minute back treatment and exfoliation – 180 NIS
  1. 15 minute facial scrub treatment – 140 NIS
  1. 20 minute foot peel treatment – 180 NIS
  1. 30 minute hand and foot peel treatment – 240 NIS
  1. 60 minute whole body peel treatment – 380 NIS.

*Additionally, the spa, jacuzzi, sauna, and pool are available before and after treatment

*It is possible to purchase a ticket for 4-8 treatments at special prices

Contact Us: 02-5306666

Spa Hours:

 Sunday 12:00-22:00

 Monday 9:00-22:00

 Tuesday 9:00-19:30

 Wednesday 9:00-22:00

 Thursday 9:00-16:00

 Friday 9:00-16:00

 Saturday 9:00-17:00

How to reach us:

by car write “Spa Barak” in Waze app.

By bus:  Lines 66, 7, 14 or 9.
Get off at the Science Museum stop and cross the road. Pass through a large parking lot and enter the Hebrew University sports complex. You will then arrive at the spa ☺

** We recommend that you call first to learn about our monthly sale prices!!! **